We at Luna & Co. know that one of the most challenging things about a marriage starts not with the wedding planning, but with the first step which is the proposal. Although we can take the biggest piece of that puzzle; the engagement ring, and ensure that it’s quality and design is everything she ever desired, planning on how to present it to her can be a bit of a struggle for alot of guys. We’re here to give you some ideas on how to set up the perfect proposal, in terms of the when, where and hows. So sit back and take a breath because this is sure to get the creative juices flowing!



At this point in the relationship, a guy usually knows his girl like the back of his hand. Like what is her favorite season, or favorite holiday. These sorts of things can help huge when trying to plan when exactly you want to pop the question. If she’s the type of girl that like the white winter wonderland, or the festivities of the holiday season, then maybe a Christmas proposal is in the cards for you, making it the most memorable Christmas she’ll ever have!

If she’s the type of girl that loves the warm weather and kicking back at the cottage on the weekend, then maybe a Victoria Day or Canada Day long weekend is the perfect time for a summer proposal (not to mention the fireworks that will follow soon thereafter!)



Choose a place that either has special significance to the both of you, like the first place that you met or the first date you’ve ever been on.

If you really want to make it more about her and have a little more extravagance then you could always choose her favorite vacation destination! A proposal on the white beaches of The Bahamas or at the Top of The Rock in New York City can make for some of the most memorable engagement spots in the world!

If a vacation is not in the cards, then there are many different hot spots around Toronto that can set that perfect mood, such as the top of the CN Tower, or looking out at the skyline from the Humber Bay Bridge.



The “how” can be the most challenging part of the whole proposal, and although there are infinite possibilities, we’ll stick with only a couple on here and dedicate a whole blog post with more ideas at a later date.

1. Hiring an A Cappella band to arrive at the spot where you choose to propose and sing her favorite love song, followed by the proposal is a fool proof idea. This is sure to heighten her emotions which in return will make it something she will never forget!

2. Hiring a drone pilot to fly a high end drone around the spot you’re planning to propose is another great idea. She will think it’s just an enthusiast having fun, when really they are capturing the candid moments of the proposal, giving you that true emotion to look back on over and over again.

3. Set up a small scavenger hunt for her to follow from the moment she wakes up. Set little paper trails with notes that lead her to your planned destination, with you waiting at the end and ready to pop the question. This will surely build up the excitement throughout the day of her following the little notes!


Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to set up the perfect proposal, the only thing missing is getting her that beautiful custom designed engagement ring that she’s been dreaming of her whole life.

Visit Luna & Co. at 9100 Jane St. Unit 28, in Vaughan to have Sirah, the owner and designer come up with the perfect design that will surely be one of a kind and tailored to everything she is hoping for in an engagement ring!

February 03, 2022