With over 25 years of combined experience in the jewellery industry, Luna & Co. was created by two GIA certified jewellery connoisseurs.  The objectives of these certified jewellery designers are to educate clients about the industry and create beautiful jewellery that clients love and wear for a lifetime.


  • To provide expert knowledge and advice to every client and ensure their comfort and trust through the Five Phases of Luna process.
  • To provide any jewellery design that the client’s heart desires, regardless of intricacy or style.
  • To provide unmatched quality in our jewellery design, metals, precious stones and finishing, which is all done locally.
  • To provide a finished product that will capture the heart and mind of not only the client but anyone who happens to catch a glimpse.


Throughout the years, working and studying in the industry has brought us to the realization that fine jewellery design is more a feat of engineering before it becomes art. In order for a piece to be properly made, it must be engineered in a way that is practical and efficient. Yet it must maintain strength and durability to last many lifetimes. Most fine jewellery becomes family heirlooms and is passed from generation to generation.

February 03, 2022